Short Story featured: “Growth Warrants Change” by Scholastica Memusi

Writer’s Bio:

Scholastica Memusi is a Telecoms Engineer in waiting who likes using words to express herself. Be it written or spoken.

An ardent fan of fiction, she also enjoys writing stories based on real experiences as she finds this a good way to vent.

“African stories are often intended to offer practical lessons, that’s how we were brought up. I believe there is always a lesson to be learnt at the end of it all.”

From Nairobi, Kenya, Scholastica is learning and growing as a writer.

She started this journey in 2015, at the prompting of someone somewhere, who insisted that there are people willing to read more, on the madness she is willing to spew.

Short stories are more of her thing, as this means the reader has no chance of getting bored too quickly.

Scholastica currently runs the blog http://www.mimimemc.wordpress.com


Short Story featured: “A Calm Beneath Castles” by Gregg Savage

Writer’s Bio:

Gregg Savage was born in Melbourne, Australia and has since lived in Auckland, New Zealand and in Tropical North, Queensland.

Between 2006 and 2009, he studied to become a Primary School Teacher and currently runs a Special Education Unit, where he uses his skills as a Teacher and Writer to assist students with disabilities at a Public School.

His current project is to mix humor and philosophy and write a children’s story every day for a year. He will also be releasing the top 10 stories from each month, in an eBook titled  First Everything, Now This”.

He currently lives in Townsville with his partner, Rachel and is a step-dad to 3 wonderful children.

To get to interact with a new tale everyday from Gregg, you can follow the stories on http://www.greggsavage.net


Short Story featured: “Three Lines and Fourteen Words” by Akuchidinma Raymonda M.

Writer’s Bio:

Akuchidinma Raymonda M. is a Microbiologist from Nigeria with a passionate interest in fiction writing. She also enjoys story telling.  When not writing, she is either teaching, reading, watching animations or cooking. Her short stories have appeared on Booksale and Brittlepaper.