Hi Readers,

I’m Lorna Likiza from Kenya.

I discovered WordPress in September 2013 so blogging is hardly a new thing for me.

However, I feel like I have exhausted literally all the topics on the planet, save for that which has always been dearest to me; Fiction.

A bit about myself;

I started writing at the age of 7. It was one of those periods in between morning classes, when the teacher delays showing up or ends up not showing up at all!

A friend of mine who sat just ahead of me, had been reading the Little Red Riding Hood book for children.

For some reason, this girl  suggested that we copy the whole story on a blank foolscap.

We were then supposed to ask our parents to photocopy for us the finished work.

I remember taking mine home to my mother, who gladly photocopied the foolscap for me.

You can imagine the excitement I had when the photocopied result came back!

It was like I had already been published!

That was way back in 1997.

Since then, the literary bug had bit me and there was no turning back.

Most of my younger childhood years were spent just writing and writing.

I was that kid who never bothered with going out to play.

I was okay with sitting at the table and writing whatever my young mind could conjure.

About being published;

I must admit that getting published has not been easy.

It has been more of a long winding road, laden with bumps and potholes.

To date, I have no single published work but I have hordes of unfinished, as well as finished, manuscripts with me.

You see, my writing did not only end in childhood.

I have been doing it to date.

However, I have decided to turn my setbacks into glory, hence this venture under Definitely Lorna.

I now want to focus on what I’m passionate about and that is Writing.

In specific, telling Kenyan stories.

Be sure to experience lots of fiction on this blog. All rights reserved to the Author.

If you would like to reach out to me, you can drop me a comment on the blog or inbox me on my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/definitelylorna.

Welcome ❤