Curious About Definitely Lorna?


I’m Lorna Likiza from Kenya.

I started out with two other blogs then finally as a proudly feminist and occasional relationship blogger, hence the previous name of my blog

And while I’m very passionate about feminism topics and anything that affects women directly and indirectly, I also discovered that I have a lot to share thus my new blog name,

This blog is geared toward addressing all those issues that I’m passionate about pertaining to women, relationships and society. If it’s coming from me, it definitely has to be Lorna!

I hope to impact my readers with my words and of course provide entertainment.

I mean that’s what we are here for! To read stuff that entertains us.

It’s my secret hope to intentionally provoke thought in the process 😉

Welcome to Definitely Lorna!

PS: Do like my Facebook page here;


  1. Happy blogiversary to you too 🙂 And thanks for the follow. You got a follow back from moi. Hope my blog feeds your bloglust, hehe. Glad to have you on board.


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