I am Not My Vagina And Sexist Attitudes Toward Womanhood

Disclaimer: Blunt descriptions below.

It always grieves my heart whenever I see sexist depictions of the female vagina.

In this era, I cannot believe that the value of a woman is still being placed on the appearance of what is between her legs or rather, what constitutes her womanhood. That some clueless personas have taken it upon themselves to make disturbing descriptions of a woman’s vagina, all in a bid to depict a pure or what they consider an impure woman. Don’t these persons know that they came out from that same vagina they now shamelessly drag through the mud? And when women go along with these supposed jokes, it sickens me.

Can’t you see that we are being made fun of? That when a fellow woman is bashed it is literally the whole female fraternity that is being bashed? Women, we need to be each other’s keeper. We need to band together and say no to these ugly jokes about the female vagina.

Image on sexism courtesy of magoz-illustration

I know some may argue that even women are guilty of the same crime directed toward the male genitalia. This is just but a testament of what our society has since degenerated into. That instead of gauging someone’s worth based on character, we have since decided to include private parts in the picture and have some sick fun in the process. I can say this with confidence that whoever engages in this kind of unsavory behaviors needs to get his/her head checked.

It is not right and hardly something we should pass down to the next generation. We need to teach our children to be respectful of women. And I speak today to the woman who has been branded a slut and had some people describe her genitalia in the worst way possible concerning this. We gain nothing other than furthering sick stereotypes by doing so.

Tearing down a woman based on her vagina is the worst form of prejudice often directed to the women. It perpetrates disrespect and a lack of appreciation for the role of the woman in society. We are mothers and we bring forth children into this world. And those same children are the ones who sadly turn against us and assume that their attack is specific to particular persons. I’m sorry to inform you that your attack is on all females in particular.

I do not care whatever experience you particularly had with one female. Just don’t go to social media and depict all women as that one woman you were supposedly dissatisfied with. We do not take it kindly when these kinds of depictions influence other males’ perceptions of women. We hate it that we are being forced to get insecure with our vaginas just because they are supposedly not the “ideal” vaginas.

Our mission in life is not only to please men sexually with near perfect or perfect vaginas. As a matter of fact, we are not sexual objects who have to be described to all and sundry and given a particular standard to adhere to. For all the women who have given birth naturally to children, you do not need to be shamed into feeling that things are not right down there. To all the women who are supposedly not tight enough or wet enough during intercourse, it does not determine your overall worth as an individual.

Any man who thinks he has the right to disrespect women in this manner needs to do some serious self reflection. Women are worth much more, than only what they have between their legs.


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