Next Month I Celebrate 3 Years Of Active Blogging

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Next month I celebrate 3 years of active blogging.

I realized recently that I’m quite happy about it. I haven’t yet made it to print media in all that duration. I haven’t earned a dime from my blogging efforts. I doubt 100 Kenyans who are total strangers to me know me as a blogger. None of my posts has ever gone viral. And I still doubt my blogging abilities despite being in the industry that long.

Funnily enough is that I keep on blogging. I still keep on entertaining the handful of fans I have who actively keep up with my posts. Some choose to read quietly. Others let me know that they follow up on my posts and others leave insightful comments and likes behind to alert me of their visits.

I started blogging at the advice of a friend 3 years ago in early September. I fumbled at first trying to find my footing in the blogging world. I created blogs that I ended up deleting after realizing I had really drifted from the initial purpose of creating the blogs. Gradually, I found my blogging niche which resulted in this particular blog in March last year.

In my blogging life, I have been lucky enough (or not so lucky sometimes) to meet with renowned writers, editors and columnists. One gave me awesome advice in the comfort of his home which I began incorporating in my work.

Another made me feel like the dumbest human being for trying to get a columnist slot in a magazine where she happens to be the editor. Others ignored my attempts at trying to get into print media or gave me false hopes only for me to realize that I wasn’t going to be given any writing opportunity.

Sometimes I felt like quitting this blogging thing but my passion kept me going. I posted stuff even when I wasn’t feeling like it or was suffering bad days or the all too famous writers block. I endured friends who thought I wasn’t doing enough to put myself out there for my popularity to increase. Some were insensitive enough (or in good nature) to question why I wasn’t earning from blogging and what I was doing toward that.

I forgave them despite their comments stinging for I know that breaking out in the blogging world is pretty much the same as breaking out in the music industry or arts industry. It is the passion that keeps you going even when your blog hits remain a bare minimum months after embarking on an active blogging journey.

3 years later, I tell people I’m a blogger and they raise their eyebrows trying to connect the human being they are seeing in front of them, with anything close to writing and I can tell they do not believe me.

However, I nowadays care less what they think because I will keep on doing this for as long as I can. I no longer seek opinions from individuals about what they think about my blog. I let my blog speak for itself. Occasionally, I will get someone who decides to point out the flaws in some of my posts and rather than take it personal, I appreciate that they spotted the flaw and were gracious enough to point it out.

I no longer have time for negativity when it comes to my written work. Mind you, I have done fiction for 19 years and I take everyday as a learning process. I know I still have a long way to improve myself as a Writer/Blogger and if I focus on negativity, other people’s perspectives and disappointments now, I will never be able to successfully achieve that.

So today, I take the time out to appreciate myself for these awesome 3 years of blogging, that have opened my eyes to so many things that I would never have found out about, if I never took the blogging chance head on. I believe I’m more stronger, factual and opinionated than I was when I started out.

Cheers to definitely lorna!




  1. I’ve come to realise that it’s always best to write for you, that being said congrats for the 3 years of bringing thoughts to life. Never underestimate yourself as a writer, I’ve read your work as a result don’t give up on print media and remember when a door closes a window opens 🙂

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  2. This is me!

    I feel like I need to have written this speech Or I should write this. It’s all I feel and how its been for me.
    Though I don’t consider myself a blogger.. and I hardly tell people I am…

    Congrats to you!

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