Would You Date A Workmate?

There’s a challenge that most single career women have to face; finding time to date.

Being on duty for more than 8 hours, 6 days a week for some, can tend to be quite hectic to the point where your social life starts to feel dead. Yet we all know that for us to be able to meet eligible bachelors, we need to go out and mingle. How then do you navigate around your equally important work schedule to be able to have time to socialize and mingle? Sometimes, it starts to feel easier settling for that handsome, unhitched workmate sitting across you in the office.

I have a couple of personal reasons why I would not dare date someone I’m working with. The major reason being that I would feel unchallenged, dating someone with whom I share an almost similar schedule every day of the week. The fact that we both wake up in the morning and head to the same organisation whether different departments or not, is enough to make me get bored with the whole idea of dating this man. It has nothing to do with the knowledge of the salary scale. I simply would want someone in a whole different field, different work environment from the one I’m in.

The second reason is that I’m particularly scared of the complications that come along with dating and especially, if it is someone I see each and every day. Relationships are not always smooth sailing. We sometimes disagree, think we’ve fallen out of love only to realize that the feelings still linger, stay angry at each other for days…I have a strong feeling that bumping into someone you argued with or broke up with just the previous evening on the corridors, wouldn’t exactly be such a pleasant surprise, whether we act all mature about it or not.

Slut shaming.

Let’s face it, not all men outgrow the adolescent stage of kiss and tell. Supposedly juicy tales of “I banged that chic in the Marketing department and she’s not all that in bed”  are not entirely uncommon in some workplaces. It has nothing to do with being idle. There are just some men who take the conquest game too far to the point of spilling the beans to their colleagues. Of course to the often times clueless female, that is just too embarrassing to bear considering the fact that you have to show up at work each and every day and further endure gossip, from your female workmates who got to hear about it too. Yet another reason that gives me the chills concerning office romance.

However, my personal reasons should not at all discourage anyone who is considering dating a workmate neither should it discredit those who met in the workplace and forged wonderful, solid relationships. It does take a certain level of maturity for these types of romances to work. Depending on your organizational policies, you can either decide to follow your heart or totally ignore the feelings developing toward a workmate.

Indeed, there are situations where two workmates have ended up fired as a result of an office romance which came into public knowledge. With public knowledge being the rest of the employees including the management. Workmates who’ve been caught in compromising situations in the office during working hours. In this regard, I consider it cases of bad decisions made by the involved parties.

I’m of the idea that employees should employ some level of discretion if at all they are dating, banging or whatever. After all, it is your career that matters. I don’t think having a reputation of banging all your secretaries is something a head of some organization would want to have. I also don’t think that the epitome of a successful career woman, should be characterized by just how many times she slept her way up the career ladder with her colleagues in higher ranks. But that is simply my thinking. In the end, I’m just a blogger expressing her views on this whole subject.

Feel free to share yours too in the comment section.



  1. I’ve never dated anyone in my field, but I once told a coworker that I liked one of my colleagues. This was the worst idea ever because my coworker decided to tell EVERYONE (excluding my boss). So, for the next few weeks of coming into work, the only responses I got from people included “So where’s your girlfriend at?” Or “Are you guys going to date or what?!” It was annoying, and a hard lesson learned. I wouldn’t mind dating someone in my field, but in my opinion, I would put a blind eye to workplace relationships.


  2. Sorry for the bad experience. It is unfortunate that you encountered a mouthy colleague. Guess it was pretty childish really for him/her to tell literally everyone considering some of these likes we get toward our co workers fade after a short while. I can only imagine how pissed off you got.
    Thanks for sharing Baz.


  3. ‘m a very boring psn and I get bored of stuffs easily, so dating one of my co workers would be knda awkward for me coz I may just wake up one morning and wonder how it all started…I think a little space or distance is better when considering relationships.


  4. Totally agree with you on that. Distance but not too much distance, spices up things for me in a relationship. I equally get easily bored and if I see you everyday for several hours, it would just be worse.


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