26 Things Every Woman Should Have Learnt About Relationships By 26

1.You are probably still single because of a certain pattern of men you subconsciously seek.

2.Your exes served their purpose therefore, they are absolute NO-NOs.

3.Your boyfriend is not your daddy and never will be.

4.Tall, dark and handsome does not translate into good loving.

5.Paranoia only makes you look disturbed mentally :0

6.Marking your territory in a man’s house under the guise of forgetfulness is absurd and more so, if you   two have not even defined your relationship. Take your earrings, panties, blouse, purse…you name it,     with you next time you visit.

7. Showing up at a man’s house to do the washing, dusting and scrubbing doesn’t automatically            transform you into wife material. If he’s not serious with you, you are probably his housekeeper.

8. If he calls you only when he wants sex, you are his booty call.

9. If he keeps on whining about an ex who left him while seeing you, you are his rebound girl.

10. Love is not blind. Infatuation is.


11. If you are dating a married man, he will NEVER leave his wife for you.

12. If your life revolves around your boyfriend, you were probably lacking in one before you met him.

13. Unless you are a pornstar shooting a porn scene, then your excessively loud moans in bed are disrupting your neighbors’ peace.

14. If he doesn’t love you, he will NEVER commit.

15. Your workmates will try to hook you up with fellow workmates if they know you are single, who in your opinion, are hardly your type because you are now fully aware of your type.


16. You’ve probably heard this phrase being thrown your way a couple of times, “don’t stay too long without settling” as if your expiry date is looming! But you are not entirely fazed by it.

17. You can smell a sex hungry man from miles away and you definitely are NOT going to give in.

18. A bad relationship is not worth pursuing.

19. Chasing after men is a sign of desperation.

20. Men are attracted to a woman who is sure of herself and equally in control of herself.

21. Break ups hurt but they don’t do so forever.

22. Men are poor communicators. Women are highly expressive of their emotions.

23. Giving too much, too soon in a relationship, only sheds light on your personal insecurities.

24. If he wants to cheat, your hawk eyed gaze won’t stop him. He’s probably not worth it.

25. Your man probably doesn’t know your favorite color.

26. You will know the one once you finally meet him.



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