When A Sex Tape Leaks


We live in a society which glorifies sex and the usage of one’s sexuality to gain certain benefits so much, to the extent where a couple shooting a sex video of themselves isn’t seen as such a big deal. One of our celebrities in Kenya, recently learned the hard way after a sex tape of him and some girl got leaked online. Well, the celeb in question has chosen to act all cool about it but being human, I’m almost 100% sure that it wasn’t something he had ever anticipated happening to him and more so at this moment, when he’s now a family man and well established in his career.

Well, I have no intention whatsoever of dwelling on that particular celeb’s sex tape in this post. However, it got me wondering what drives people to think of recording a video of themselves while having sex. For some, it has actually launched a successful career for them after a leaked sex tape which further normalizes this phenomenon as being beneficial even! I’m sure a couple of other people have been inspired by the same, all in a bid to gain that celebrity status that this other person gained, after their sex tape went viral. Oddly enough.

In this society, sex is simply just sex. Nothing big. Just two people romping between the sheets. Spice it up with a recorded video in the act which makes it all the better. Sometimes we fail to even pause to think about the future implications of such a seemingly harmless undertaking. What if the tape falls under the wrong hands. What if we mature, meet that promising gentleman or lady, settle down, have kids, then one day, our own kids chance upon a video of daddy doing ‘bad manners’ with some woman or mummy doing the same with some man.

What kind of explanation are we surely going to give to our child who might already be a teenager and having a full idea of what the tape is all about? Are we going to be able to confidently face them and tell them that it was simply a harmless act that they shouldn’t pay much attention to? Or are we going to employ the all famous trick of losing our temper on our kids, all in a bid to terrify them from ever questioning us about the same again?

Woe unto the parent who is unfortunate enough, to have his or her child watch a sex tape of him/ her because it will indeed be so difficult, to discipline that child afterward. For children, their parents happen to be the first people they look up to and if by any chance, they happen to be teenagers and therefore starting to get an identity and searching for other role models to look up to other than their parents, trust me, a sex tape you made in your youth, will dent any positive image they had left of you.

And while I have no issue whatsoever, with people enjoying the act of sex and looking for ways to make it more memorable, I simply think that we need to be especially careful, in the event of recording ourselves while getting intimate. More so, because we risk being the subject of ridicule if by any chance that video eventually leaks, jeopardizing our current relationships and marriages afterward and having to put on a brave face, when deep down we feel like we can bury ourselves, rather than face the shame of such an occurrence.

It is high time people regained their dignity and let sex remain a private, intimate affair like it was before. For the socialites and aspiring socialites, who do not give a damn hoot whether their faces can be seen on a sex tape or not or whether their nude photos surface on the internet or not, let me school you a bit….

Real socialites have a name to fall back on.

What do I mean by a name?

Heartthrob Enrique Iglesias’ mum Isabel Preysler is a socialite. If you read the first line of her Early Life description on Wikipedia, it states “Preysler was born in Manila, Philippines, the third of six children, to a wealthy aristocratic family”. Anne Randolph Hearst’s biography, also on Wikipedia states, “She is the grand daughter of newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst.  Anne Hearst is an American socialite. Paris Hilton is equally a socialite. If you read a quick description of her, similarly on Wikipedia, it states “She is the great granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels”. 

And though Paris might have a sex tape out, her name already rang a bell long before she decided to get kinky for a personal camera. We already knew about the existence of the Hilton Hotels. In short, real socialites were once heiresses to a vast amount of family wealth. Their fathers and mothers were stinking rich and therefore making appearances at social functions was actually a way of life for them.

The reason why nowadays, socialites and aspiring socialites feel the pressure and need of posing nude and leaking sex tapes online, to make a name for themselves, is because they have no name to fall back on. Their fathers and forefathers are barely known. They are heiresses to only a certain amount of investments that their parents were able to work hard for and with good reason. They yearned for their children to be comfortable not women in future, parading their nudity and bedroom skills for other people to watch and glorify.

According to me, the only thing a sex tape does to someone once leaked online, is shred any remaining dignity you had left to pieces. It may give you the much desired fame and money, but your rags to riches story will forever be pegged on that romp you had for the Cam. If unfortunately you go broke, you risk your name being forgotten for good. So if we are going to pinpoint examples of irresponsible sex, making a sex tape is one of them due to the far reaching consequences it has, once leaked.


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