Feminist Ramblings

I have been missing in action for the past one month.

Not by choice but by unavoidable circumstances.

During my absence from the blogging scene, I couldn’t quite resist the urge to take a peek on whatever activity was taking place on my blog in particular, whenever I could sneak in a chance. Things seemed relatively quiet. People were still stumbling on my blog and reading previous posts. The stats were OK. But of course there was bound to be that one person, who would want to express his or her feelings concerning something I had posted in the past in a not so flattering,  demeaning way.

Good news is, I don’t really pay much attention to someone of the idea that feminists are stupid creatures, who have no mandate whatsoever to be existing in this world. Trust me, I can tell constructive criticism from nonconstructive criticism from miles away. And yeah, this is a bit of a feminist ramble and with good reason. Today I want to talk of some things that don’t quite concern feminism per se but the society in general.

If anyone who is in a position to do something about these issues happens to stumble upon this particular post of mine, kindly know that this is more of an appeal coming out as a ramble.

If you have been keeping up with the news off late, you probably know by now that one Alex Madaga passed away on Friday afternoon. After an unfortunate hit and run accident along Waiyaki Way, Alex had to spend 18 hrs in an ambulance due to inadequate beds at the ICU wing of the KNH (Kenyatta National Hospital). I believe that had we thought in the past as a country of investing in adequate health facilities, Alex’s life would have been saved. It is disheartening enough to learn that certain private hospitals turned him away, because his family could not afford at least 200,000 Kshs cash payment in order to receive medical attention.

Since when did we turn into such money minded individuals, who can easily place money matters ahead of someone’s life? Well, we may never have an adequate answer for that and since I steer clear from pointing fingers sometimes, I leave the judgment to you, my readers.

Yet another unfortunate incident happened just this past week and hit closer home to me. I lost a former campus mate and classmate due to the madness that is the trademark of the matatu industry.

Cecilia Njeri Gicheha- Photo courtesy of nairobinews.nation.co.ke

My former campus mate Cecilia Njeri Gicheha- Photo courtesy of nairobinews.nation.co.ke

If you reside in Nairobi, you might already be aware that the CBD gradually transformed into a bus station and market place of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, I find it highly convenient getting buses plying my route from certain vantage points within the CBD. I mean we all lead highly hectic lives and sometimes having to walk to Muthurwa or the bus station to get a matatu can only mean an additional unnecessary hustle. And while I will forever be grateful for the reduced hustle, my only concern is why the touts and drivers choose to act savagely while parking and driving these matatus. Who said that for you to be a successful matatu driver or tout, you had to be highly reckless, obnoxious and unconcerned about the lives of the pedestrians, passengers and people on the street??

Fondly known as Bianca, Cecilia had her life cut short at only 23 when two buses squashed her as I believe she was walking across. The drivers, were jostling for a small place to park their buses in order to pick commuters. Well, as a witness to how chaotic these matatus drive into town and how recklessly they are driven on the roads, my only appeal is for a little more order within the CBD and much more order in the matatu industry as a whole. We may tend to ignore certain issues affecting us directly or indirectly, in the hope that all will be well when in the real sense it will only worsen.

According to my knowledge, Cecilia is not the first person to be killed by two vehicles that were parked in close proximity to each other and the drivers suddenly decided to reverse and move forward in succession. Alex is not the first person to die due to inadequate health facilities in our public hospitals. How many more people are we going to lose before we can finally decide that enough is enough and do something about it??


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