8 Signs He’s Only After The Cookie.

There was a #Mollis audio doing the rounds on the Internet a couple of days back. And while I consider myself a feminist, I chose to really refrain from giving my two cents worth. Quite a number of people concluded that the lady, who was obviously in discomfort (oh, for my foreign readers, the clip was a recording of two individuals having sex but it was obvious that the lady was not enjoying any bit of the deed) was being raped. Yet a number thought that the whole audio was funny and a section of Kenyans took to Twitter with memes and “hilarious” tweets.

Notice that I put hilarious in quotes, as I have never quite understood why sex has since been made so public, to the extent where such recordings of people doing it surface on the Internet. According to me it is totally wrong. Sex is supposed to be intimate and personal.

Anyways, the other reason why I put hilarious in quotes is because some guys found the woman’s accent interesting. It should be noted that Mollis is actually Morris in the real sense. And throughout the duration of the audio, the woman is pleading with Mollis* to stop the sex. Of course Mollis* doesn’t bother to pay any attention to her and carries on. Actually after listening to a download of the audio, I immediately deleted it afterward as I found it in bad taste.

I also do not want to jump to conclusions. We do not for a fact know what was the initial agreement between these two. We are not even sure who recorded it in the first place. This doesn’t mean that I’m taking sides with anyone, just to make things clear. This equally doesn’t mean that I blame the woman, far from it.

I however felt that I should do a post on the 8 signs that a man is only after The Cookie, more like a reminder to fellow women out there on what signs to look out for. This is a topic that has been talked about over and over again, so forgive the bore of a repeat.

1. He Says It.

Men are simple creatures. They do not beat about the bush. They do not play any mind games. They are that uncomplicated. So if a man you barely know that well starts talking about getting into your pants, flee dear sister, if indeed that is not what you have bargained for.

I have encountered men who straight up told me things like “I don’t trust myself with you around”, “come let’s hang out and more”, “I’m diplomatic so I’ll be honest with you that your jeans will come off”… etc, etc, etc. What more evidence do you need that this man is only interested in what is between your legs and nothing else?

2. Sex topics are his specialty.

Another obvious sign.

It doesn’t matter how old the guy is, if all of your conversations so soon into knowing each other revolve around sex, then he is hinting that he is very interested in getting under the sheets with you. Most women will agree with me, that they find this particular kind of phenomenon, quite disgusting and may even tell off the guy for it.

However, for those who entertain it thinking it is a harmless kind of flirting, be very warned that you might be fanning a fire you might not be able to put out. The minute you keep entertaining sex topics with a man, then you are showing him that you are open to the idea of having sex with him. And no strings attached sex for that matter. In essence, he is just testing your boundaries with the same topic over and over again.

3. He is not interested in serious conversation.

This usually happens after the onset of the conversations always bordering on sex. You may try to switch the topic sometimes and probably ask about his likes, job, day or family, but if you are quite keen, you will notice a sudden boredom on his part, immediately followed by a quick rotation back to the usual sexual innuendos.

You may have noticed that this man is never interested in knowing other aspects of your life except what you are wearing to bed and if you are thinking of him sexually. It is that simple. A man who wants to date you will be highly interested in all the aspects of your life and not only your sexuality. Men are not all about sex as society sometimes make them seem to be. So if he’s all about that, then that’s all he’s interested in, ‘nuf said.

4. He invites you to his house very early on.

If this man is not your friend, why is he insisting on you coming over to his place so soon?

Men are not entirely clueless in the world of dating. They know that a woman they have started seeing, may not be that comfortable coming to his house very early on. They know that women do not want to give up the cookie too soon and be branded cheap in the process. They know that women strive to earn the respect of a man in a blossoming relationship.

So if he’s ignoring all that and inviting you over for a “home-cooked lunch”, do not be tempted dear sister, to gush at his gentlemanliness. Rather ask yourself what happens next after the sumptuous lunch he prepares for you. Remember that you will be in his territory too soon and it may work against you if at all anything goes wrong.

5. He takes you to a club on the first date.

There is a breed of men who will get a woman really drunk then proceed to have sex with her in her intoxicated state. Unless this man is a buddy you have known for a while and have no interest of ever being exclusive with, do not agree to a first date in a club.

First of all, this should be a clear sign that he is not interested in knowing you and what you are all about, with all that booming noise in such an environment. Second of all, a first date should have been in a quieter place, where he would have asked if you are into clubbing or not.

Indeed, many women end up dumbfounded when a night out in a club, with a man they have just met, turns into a push-pull kind of scenario afterward, with the man demanding for sex and the woman not up to it. It is not rocket science ladies, this man initially cared not, what impression he gave you. He only had hopes of getting some as the night progressed. You only have yourself to blame for turning up all dolled up for some ass wiggling.

6. None of his friends nor family knows you.

You are simply a booty call of his or an FWB if he has never introduced you to any of his friends or family members yet, the whole duration you have been seeing him. He doesn’t consider you worthy to be in his close circle. You are simply a convenience for certain periods.

A man who is in love with you would want to show you off to all of his friends and some of his family members. It doesn’t have to be so soon into the relationship but within a month’s duration, you would have obviously met his best buddy, a close bro of his or a sister he really cares about. You will not have to beg him to tag you in pictures on social media nor change his relationship status, if you would like that too.

In short, your relationship wouldn’t seem like such a huge mystery even to you.

7. He disrespects you.

Have you ever been with someone you felt did not at all respect you and especially after getting intimate?

He may ignore your calls or texts, keep talking about his sexual encounters with other ladies, act arrogantly and not give a hoot how you felt. Worst case scenario, those men who totally disappear from the face of the earth after a night of passion with you.

Forgive yourself sister and move on. He was only after the cookie.

8. His friends may try to hit on you too.

If you are lucky enough to get acquainted with this particular man’s friends, you will notice a heightened interest in you from them too. Almost like they are also trying to get the same experience their friend got.

In such a case, he has already shared with his friends that you two got intimate or are intimate, it was probably a bet between them of who will bed you first or he has no further use for you and therefore, his friends are free to try their luck. Such men hang out with friends who are also familiar with their shenanigans and as outrageous as it seems, they do not mind sharing the same girl.

In the end, you will get thoroughly hurt if you are unfortunate enough to rotate in their circle of madness and lack of respect for women.


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