Understanding The Bro Code And How Women Get Messed Up By It.

Hmmm, guys get better at these types of things by the day and especially with regards to relationships with the opposite sex.

I know women have heard about the bro code.

These unspoken set of rules that apply to only guy friends. The thou shall not sleep with thy best guy friend’s chic even if she’s sizzling hot type of thing. Yet women are known to commit all kinds of sins against their fellow women friends.

However, the bro code always seems to work for men, perfectly. For women, not quite. They are women who have been f***d up by this bro code thing and it’s now time for us to try and understand what it entails, to some extent, complete with the differences with the woman mentality.

For Guys: If your best guy friend hooks you up with his chic friend and you fuck her up, then both of you agree she is the jerk.

For Women: If your best girl friend hooks you up with her guy friend and he fucks you up, he is the jerk or both him and your soon to be unfriended friend are jerks.

Women, do not expect a guy to take your side in such a situation. The bro code does not allow them. I was about to add “fuckin” before bro code but refrained for fear of being pelted with stones by the opposite sex. If indeed such a situation happens to you, save yourself the trauma and keep off from the two of them.

There is this thing about two male friends, deciding that a woman is worth being gossiped about and made fun of after a hook up gone sour. If sex is involved, both of them will definitely agree that she asked for it. Therefore, it is not necessary for her to whine about it, that she has been duped, when the guy immediately informs her afterward, that he is not looking for something serious.

Men long refused to understand that sex is an emotional affair for women. They tend to assume that if it is physical for them, then grown women should suck it up and accept only the physicality of it. And there is no way in hell that a guy friend will side with a chic friend, his best bud has hurt even if she seems thoroughly wounded by the whole experience.

It doesn’t matter if his friend cheated on her after a short stint at dating, was only looking for a fling, is a self confessed Casanova or simply an arrogant dude. This friend will stick to the bro code at the expense of losing a friendship with this chic. It gets even worse if this guy friend of his has done major favors for him in the past. Chic, forget any sympathy or understanding from your friend.

You push it and these two turn into epic male gossipers. And guess what, you will always be the subject. Guys pretend not to gossip but even those in their late twenties are known to really paint a woman they have no use for as blacker than soot. Shoot me if you want! I just said it.

For Guys: Your best guy friend’s girlfriend is totally out of bounds.

For Women: 3 things: 1. He’s out of bounds if i’m loyal and truly respect our friendship, 2. I may get a little jealous if my love life is a mess, but still keep him out of bounds to avoid issues with my girl friend, 3. I may hit on him cuz I don’t really care about my friend’s feelings. If I want a man, I have him.

Women falling in the latter category have been known to mess up their girlfriends by stealing their boyfriends. Women, we need to open our eyes and see that whatever ills we commit against our fellow gender, are actually ills we have committed to the whole concept of womanhood.

Guys beat us at this because many have understood the concept of manhood and being loyal to their kind. Yet women do not hesitate in tearing apart their fellow women through their actions and words. Time to wake up.

For Guys: I can’t tell on my bro to his chic that he is cheating on her. As a matter of fact, I know nothing.

For Women: If I find out my girlfriend’s boyfriend is cheating on her and tell her, I may either be branded a liar or jealous, believed or unfriended if they at all finally sort out their issues and reconcile.

One word to women, mind your own business!

Do not think that by revealing what is supposed to be kept under wraps, you are helping your friend. Guys have each other’s back all the time. A guy will never dream of exposing his friend and even if the affected woman gets to find out and confronts this guy friend about it, he will still pretend he knew nothing.

Many women who have warned a friend that a man she was seeing was cheating on her ended up in two situations; either closer as friends or discarded by their girlfriend. There is a whole lot of rivalry going on in the female world and to save yourself the drama, what doesn’t concern you should not bother you. It’s that simple, as harsh and unconcerned as it seems, coming from a fellow woman.

For Guys: If I’m having a woman over, my guy friend gives me space if we usually live together.

For Women: If my female housemate wants to bring a guy friend over, aint nowhere I’m going!

Of course this will never change for women.

And for that mere reason, if you cannot handle it sharing a house with a fellow woman, do not do it. If you are living in a hostel and your randy roommate brings a guy over for a romp in the night, do yourself a favor and excuse them. Do not endure your sleep being disturbed then back stab your girlfriend over it for days on end. You earn nothing from it by pointing fingers at others since nobody appointed you a moral judge. We all know that the judgmental types end up eventually in shameful situations we never expected them to be in. Karma is surely a bitch, you know!


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