Honey, I just got you a gift!

Sounds familiar? You bet.

Recently, the Kenyan social media scene got a “rare” treat from Laura Akunga. This sassy wifey decided to get her hubby a not very common birthday gift in most Kenyan homes, in the form of a car valued at about 10 million Kenya Shillings. I have used the words “not very common” because her Facebook update went viral.

Apparently, Kenyan women in recent times, have done a very good job in painting themselves as gold digging, weave donning, manhood choppers, husband snatching, kisirani (troublesome) b*****s, whose husbands find the bar a better companion than a snarling wife in a cozy home. So if one woman decides to do something overly special for her hubby like Laura did, tongues will surely wag, no doubt.

However, do not be fooled cuz I wasn’t either!

I knew that it was just a matter of time before the haters went to work. Glorify her then tear her to shreds, Kenyan style.

I wasn’t wrong.

Just before week end, I was passing by a newspaper vendor and I see a scathing headline on one of the popular newspapers, with the main subject of course being Laura Akunga. The same woman that a short while back, men considered her an ideal wife that other Kenyan wives should emulate.

That got some insecure women green with envy, just from the realization that she could afford to splurge money on an expensive car for her hubby, when they couldn’t afford that trendy bag, in a boutique going at only 10,000 Kshs.

Life is surely unfair.

Reminds me of my friend who says there are people who cover themselves with money like a blanket, not mere hustlers like us. People who woke up on the right side of the bed đŸ˜› She amuses me, that one, with her funny analysis of the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor in our country.

So apparently the headline stated that Laura Akunga had conned someone. From Laura Akunga buying hubby a 10M car for his birthday, to this. Oh well, this had happened faster than I had expected.

You see, as much as social media is a powerful tool for communication, it is equally a highly destructive tool and women are the most vulnerable. You post something, it’s out there and people might either decide to glorify you or to go at you like hyenas on a carcass.

It would have been better if Laura decided to keep her gift private. But then social media is all about vanity. Sometimes, we women do not even realize it when we over share. The constant updates about our pregnancies, our loving hubbies, our sizzling hot boyfies, our children. Sometimes we want to even announce it to the world how much we are living large. I mean, we all have that hidden little bragging streak in us that occasionally gets the better of us, don’t we?

What women need to realize is that social media can either make you or break you. That social media is just that, social media. I doubt if a man bought his woman a birthday gift, he would share it on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. It is usually the women who will quickly rush to post a bouquet of flowers that a loving man in their lives got them or an item of clothing or shoes.

All the while forgetting the fact that behind the many phones, laptops and computers logged on to social media platforms, are also people who consider their lives a living hell. Who are battling insecurities and therefore spend their waking hours doing comparisons with other people’s lives, getting jealous and feeling more crappier than ever.

People who feel like they are the walking dead. Cyber bullies who would not hesitate in bursting somebody else’s, (who seems better placed than them) bubble. People who will gloat at your misery. People out to settle scores and are only waiting for the right moment and opportunity to do it.

Women need to wake up and smell the coffee. Vanity comes at a cost.

I personally have no way of telling who is speaking the truth in Laura’s case. The one purporting to have been conned or Laura Akunga. But with a headline like that on the front page of a popular paper, that kind of does a perfect job of denting her image to some extent. Remember, before she posted a photo of herself gifting her hubby, we knew nothing about her.

So when did women decide to transform social media into all about their private lives and at what cost? And if there are men too engaging in oversharity, I stand to be corrected.

The photos of whatever gifts we have received from our loves and better halves need to go, photos reserved for only our sexual partners in sheer, skimpy attire need to go, the daily photos of our chubby, sweet little ones need to go, essays of our year’s achievements need to go and so do our constant motherhood updates.

The haters shall always be there and it would be way wiser if we protected ourselves from them. Trust me, many can’t handle the heat when people start launching missiles at you because of a simple update on social media. If you want to keep track of your private life, keep a personal diary but please spare us the oversharity. Just saying.



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