Oh, The Pain Of Reality Shows!

I noticed recently that I’m developing a huge problem with Reality Shows. Everytime I’m flipping through channels and I happen to land on one with some reality thing going on, I quickly change the channel. I’m actually bored by all the fakeness being purpoted to be reality and especially, since most have women as the main persons of interest.

The reason why I will forever be an African from Africa is the fact that till now, I can’t seem to find a way to wrap my head around how a man suddenly transforms into a woman. And not because I’m a hater who is too “primitive” to embrace this day’s LGBT community since I’m lacking in exposure.

Simply because I come from a society where such things hardly happen in the open (though in recent times, this is somehow changing). Where men are proud to be men and to have women falling at their feet in pursuit of them. Where many cannot imagine being beaten (literally) by women (which is actually happening under wraps in some homes).

Where parliamenterians have discussed polygamy in parliament several times. Where some people, and quite a number, especially in non-urbanized areas, cannot tell you what LGBT stands for. And so for me to actually sit infront of a TV set and enjoy an episode on a reality show, discussing one man’s journey into transformation to a woman, is simply mental torture.

I suggest that the producers behind some of these Reality Shows change tact. The idea that everything can be fixed and especially in a woman’s body is getting tired and old. Cultures are different and if you are going to constantly feed us with what you consider acceptable in your culture, we will slowly start to rebel against it.

There was a period in time, when normal women actually paid attention to what these Reality Shows tried to preach. Where we believed in the standards of beauty that these persons of interest potrayed to us. But then we have come to realize that these standards are actually changing! Before, being busty and tiny everywhere was what was considered ideal.

So assuming i’m a woman who has bodily insecurities and I went ahead and got myself a boob job done, then ensured I worked out day and night so that everywhere else was tiny. Suddenly, I realize that booty has also been included in the picture! Therefore I need me some boobs and booty. I go ahead and get booty implants. But my hips are unproportional to the booty so gotta enhance my hips as well. Perfect!

Next day I realize that laugh lines are considered a horrible sign of aging. I need some botox. I then realize that my very African nose has nostrils the size of a well. Oh, I can get a nose job done too to reduce the size. Next month I discover that i’m probably too dark to look good in bright colors, oh well, I can lighten my skin….and the list is endless.

The huge problem I’m having with most of these Reality Shows is the fact that they are all trying to preach that everything in our bodies is fixable. A few try to get us to embrace who we are naturally but with dismal results. Whatever they show us in these Reality Shows is not whatever happens in real life. Most of the gimmicks are mainly to earn more ratings and of course rake in some money!!! Most do not care about the audience as long as the zeros in their dollars increase by the day.

If an African woman was to think of a Reality Show, I’m afraid that we are not going to see anything different as for years, we have had the same content fed to us. It is not going to be something African probably, because we of course want to compete with what we think is ideal and is going to make us richer. We are not going to show the reality on the ground of an African woman because all the women in these reality shows are ever in heels, made up and donning the latest style.

We are going to see an African woman go to a plastic surgeon because she hates how her nose looks or wants a bigger booty, boobs or some hip enhancement. We are going to see African women sunbathing in skimpy swimsuits with a glass of wine by their side. We are going to see African women speaking in a fake British or American accent. I know I sound pessimistic and some of you are probably rolling their eyes by now…

But truth be told, when you are constantly being fed someone else’s culture, you get used to it and want to embrace it or even compete with it.

However, there is a reality on the ground and the reality on the ground is what is being missed by these same shows. All because this is for entertainment so do not expect something that is going to bore you to death!

Who wants to see a woman dressing in drab clothes, with her body out of shape, getting her kids ready for school, worrying about finances, with a hubby who works day and night to feed his family and oh, he’s not a celebrity neither does he have looks you would actually pay attention to? In an African settting, a woman with a neglected weave that reminds you of a worn out ball of steel wool to scrub your sufurias clean. And chapped heels where a coin can fit perfectly.

So since we all need some entertainment, it would be better that the producers of Reality Shows thought of a name change and actually called a spade, A SPADE and not a big spoon. That would make it much easier for us women not to fall for all the fakeness claimed to be reality. It would make us embrace ourselves for who we naturally are. Better yet, it would make us get some serious women as role models! If you consider these women who sit all day, having coffee and making their nails without going bankrupt as role models, then ask yourself if you ever made yourself any money on a lazy weekend.


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