Bad boys hardly change; they simply meet women who can tolerate them

Bad boys, we definitely know them.

With their “I don’t give a s**t”, “don’t let the world dictate who I am” attitude. Bad boys are those guys who are blessed with the greatest sense of style. Oh, how you wish other men got it like they did. But of course the nice guys fall under the prim and proper category. They rarely push the boundaries with their normal jeans or worst case scenario, fixation with official wear. I used to have a course mate in campus who would don official suits Monday to Monday with no break for weekend wear in between and boy, did I find his sense of style boring! I’m a female, I love spontaneity. We all do. No wonder the versatility of female fashion.

Bad boys are those kinds of guys who literally scare you with how much they are into their comfort zones yet you can’t seem to rip yourself off, from their allure. They will get you laughing from morning to evening with their highly interesting tales. Make you push your limits like getting piss drunk while with them or trying something you never thought you would, then make it seem like it’s perfectly normal to do so. They rarely judge. They are the kind of guys you will disclose your deepest secrets to them, some that may have gotten other men into cringe mode and they act like they are totally unperturbed by it. As a matter of fact, they will make it seem so easy for you to confess the most darkest of things to them with their simply non-judgmental attitude.

Loving bad boys is so easy because they make it stress free for us. They don’t come with a long list of specifications on what kind of females they fancy. As long as your sense of style matches theirs, your interests are about 90% similar, you are likeable face wise or body wise and you get their “bad boy” slang and jokes, then you are fit to be a girlfriend. The fact that they are a little particular on the interests sharing bit is what makes most women try their level best to fit in with them. Bad boys are the ones who won’t really fancy a girl who’s all serious, churchy and religious. In most cases, you find them flailing a bit in the world of religion. They might be show ups in church just for the sake of it or contemplating a change of religion. Usually a religion that allows them to carry on with their wild lifestyle while still believing in some higher power. In some cases, religious, churchy girls ditch religion the minute they hook up with a bad boy.

But there’s a twist to it.

In spite of all the fun and amazing sex with a bad boy, there will always be that sick feeling that he might be cheating or not all that honest. There will be times when his way of life will get in the way of your relationship. Those times when you will notice with trepidation that he’s bordering on alcoholism or is hooked on drugs and other vices. Should you voice your concern, then he will react defensively and end up making you feel like you are the one who is changing for the worst. Those times that you will actually catch him cheating but you are already in too deep to yank yourself out of the relationship. Those times where God forbid, he might get physical with you.

Many women find themselves in horrible relationships with bad boys no wonder the saying ” good girls like bad boys”. The allure of a bad boy is usually much stronger than the allure of a nice guy, truth be told. Nice guys are the ones who easily bore you with their lack of spontaneity. Similar to men, women love the thrill of a new relationship. Bad boys keep that thrill alive throughout the often “short lived” romances. Nice guys kill it along the way with their whole make up of seriousness and a monotony of being prim and proper. Women like being kept guessing. Bad boys are excellent at that. They will play all kinds of intentional psychological games with women and have them spend hours racking their brains with their girlfriends to find an answer to the bad boy’s actions.

I know relationship blogs advice us women to try all kinds of amazing tricks with men to get them more interested in us. Sorry ladies, in my blog, I’m mostly blunt.

Whatever tricks you may want to try on a bad boy, it will hardly work. This is a personality of his that he loves having. It gets him all the hot chics flocking to him like bees to a honey jar. It actually keeps him in a make-believe world that he is in control. Rarely will you encounter a bad boy whining over a problem. These guys do suffer low moments just like the rest of us but their personalities enable them to perfectly enact that make-believe world. No wonder the minute a woman starts sharing her sob stories with a bad boy, he immediately shuts her out. He doesn’t fancy being brought back to earth with someone mourning a lost job or family issues. He is perfectly fine with his fixation of he’s got everything under his control. You as a woman are there to provide him with further entertainment and not to turn him into your therapist.

When he feels ready to have a woman by his side for the rest of his life, a bad boy will simply get a woman who tolerates his shenanigans without further ado. A woman he will spend the rest of his life trampling over and she will never elicit any obvious reaction. Bad boys hardly change. They simply find themselves in situations of hubbyhood and fatherhood and find it wise to step up to their newly found status. All these other women the bad boy left in the wake of his destruction simply lacked enough ability to tolerate him. His current wife or baby mama, can tolerate him perfectly. She could equally be a bad girl who doesn’t give a hoot what he’s up to as long as he provides or takes care of his responsibilities.

So dear lady, stop beating yourself over a failed relationship with a bad boy and develop the necessary ability to tolerate the “boring” nice guys who treat you right.


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