Proudly Feminist Demistyfied.

As some of my readers may already know, this blog is quite new and therefore slightly shy of 10 posts. As others who may have already taken their time to read my `about proudly feminist’ page just above the headline know, this is a blog that will mainly tackle issues concerning and affecting women. I may rub some people of the opposite gender the wrong way with some of my posts, which is inevitable anyway if i am to talk about women. However, it should not be taken as an indirect or direct jab at anyone as i’m simply airing my views. I believe that i’m entitled to that in my little space on the Internet known as a `blog’. And if it so happens that anyone feels a little too ruffled by my posts, they may probably be overreacting or cannot stomach a woman airing her views confidently.

I know along the way i shall encounter readers who may not like me or my blog for that matter and that is perfectly alright, as long as they stick to their boundaries while i stick to mine. Therefore comments intended to intimidate or elicit a reaction of sorts from me won’t actually elicit any reaction from me at all nor intimidate me. As a matter of fact, i have stated clearly in my `about proudly feminist’ page that criticisms are welcome. And by that i mean, criticisms that are done constructively and not as a way to try and make it look like i’m a male basher and therefore deserve to be told off. This is not a battle field and neither do i consider myself a `male basher’ for that matter.

The whole point of this blog is to put the message across to women, that it is alright to be woman, irregardless of whatever society you come from or societal stereotypes put in place, to cause a woman to feel shame for being female or not to have the ability to dream and spread her wings. And in doing so, i will deal with a whole range of topics as long as it is touching on women in particular. I welcome male readers and followers too as i would also like to know what they think about certain subjects concerning women. And for that simple reason, proudly feminist shall continue as planned.


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