What are we supposed to do when the Men in our lives aint giving us the attention we need??

Over the years, women have been branded all kinds of things- Attention seekers, Drama Queens, Fickle, Crazy…

Well, i won’t deny that probably some fit perfectly in those tag names judging from their past and very recent behaviors. But i beg to differ when a woman is branded a Drama Queen because she threw a fit when her man seemed to be denying her attention or an Attention Seeker, when she decided to do something just to get her man to give her the attention she NEEDS. Notice i am not using WANT but NEED because contrary to popular belief, that women can be demanding of certain wants, i believe a man should give his woman attention. It is what she needs.

It doesn’t matter if you have a boss from hell who is obsessed with deadlines or you work  highly awkward shifts at work, or how much the boys are entertaining on a Saturday night or just how much you are passionate about whichever football game you like. If you have a woman you consider special in your life, create a work-social life-love life balance and ensure that you give her the attention she needs. Men who claim that women get demanding during the course of their relationships need to know that they are at times the contributors of her sudden unexpected demanding ways. If you gradually reduce the frequency of your calls or the times you two meet, she is going to wonder why you are withdrawing attention from her. She will tell you a couple of times that she thinks that nowadays you seem too busy. In most cases, the man wants to continue being absorbed with what has been preoccupying him off late and the woman will take it as if he wasn’t even listening or taking her seriously. She will begin to sulk. Next she will begin to sound like she is nagging. And this same man who probably assumes his precious time with the boys or at work is being interfered with, will immediately brand her `a nagging girlfriend’ or worse, assume she’s PMSing and the less wise ones will go as far as blurting out `are you on your period?’

It is indeed true that at times our period brings out the worst in us. But as long as you are not of the same gender as us, you have no right whatsoever to tie `that time of the month’ to our actions. If you as a man are not ready to give the woman in your life the attention she needs, then you have no business being in a relationship with that woman. Women try their level best to give the men in their lives attention. Oh, how we love our fulfilling jobs or those times we are at the salon with the girls or out shopping, but we still remember to spare a couple of minutes to call our men and tell them where we are, as we find out how their day is coming along. And even though some of us may be unfortunate enough to have bosses like the devil incarnate or bitchy colleagues at work or some friend whom you would have loved to long terminate that friendship, but you just can’t because you probably still owe her some money or simply don’t know how to, Guess What??!! We still call the men in our lives to rant and rave about it. Never mind that your tale probably sounds like an actress on a Soap Opera reciting a non-sensical poem to her lover, considering the fact that most men in my side of the Sahara, would be caught dead watching `Allejandro and the barbed wire fence’ or `Soledad and the wicked witch’ programmes.

As long as we are in love, our men take top priority and if at all you man encounters a woman who doesn’t bother calling you just to say hi, forgets your birthday and hardly rants and raves about some b***h who gossiped about her and she got to know about it, then you probably fall under 2nd or 3rd or 4th priority in her life. Trust me, the top priority in her life gets to hear about her rants and raves, gets called on a daily basis and gets visited, occasionally with hot deliciously prepared food she thought wisely to bring along with her. When we love, we make you a part of us. We don’t deny you attention because some guy at the salon is pedicure massaging our foot or we are trying on this absolutely gorgeous blouse at the market. Chances are, we will even take a picture of it with our phones and send it to you directly just to ask how you like the blouse. We women love attention and we equally love to give it. When you deny or withdraw the attention from us, we turn into Cruella de Ville or in a worst case scenario Miss Desperado.

It is something we can’t do without and not because we suffer esteem issues or aren’t sure of ourselves. As long as you signed that unwritten contract with us to love us then bring that love with a ribbon of attention wrapped around it. Call us everyday (it shouldn’t be after every five minutes), tell us you love us, notice when we change a hairstyle, pick our calls in the middle of a football match even if it is just to tell us that you are busy watching football and will call us later. A sane woman will understand that. Tell us we look beautiful in that dress that is probably not yet fully paid for but we just couldn’t leave it behind at the vendor’s. Listen to us when we tell you what awesome thing is happening in our lives even if your mind is clouds away. At least act like you are listening. Surprise us with random dates. Trust me even if i’m as broke as a church mouse, if my boyfriend called me at 4 asking me to meet him in town for coffee, as long as i’m free, i’d rather borrow fare from a neighbor to town. And trust me, all your attention acts will be duly reciprocated by the woman concerned.


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