What is it with this `stinking woman’ thing?

I get highly incensed whenever i chance upon a post or an article talking about female hygiene downstairs. Most of these posts and articles are actually written by men as if they are very informed about the female genital make up, never mind that they have never gotten to a mile of studying gynaecology and obstetrics. Often times a couple of supposed real life men with real life encounters with a stinking woman, would give their accounts of how sex was horrendous because the smell was so bad. I recently chanced upon one such article where women were now being told how many times they should take a bath in a day, because the men had since discovered that some didn’t at all. I found the article outrageous. First, because it was a man yet again writing it and second, it came out as `woman bashing’ to me. More like expose these bitches who feel so good walking around wearing designer perfume, when in the real sense they haven’t showered in a week. Let them know that we men have discovered their dirty little secret.



First of all let me make it clear that the number of times a woman chooses to shower in a day is none of you men’s business. There are some women who battle health issues that are often triggered by cold temperatures and therefore choose to only shower once a day. And as long as she is wearing panties in the right material, shaves her underarms and pubic hair frequently, wipes herself after her short calls and isn’t suffering from any ignored infection downstairs, then there is absolutely no way her showering once a day will cause a bad smell. If a woman does not prefer showering for several days then let her be. If at all you do encounter such a woman as a girlfriend, feel free to tell her that she needs to improve on the hygiene department. If she goes ballistic, then she’s probably no good for you and you are free to move on to the next one. Funny bit is, there is a soul mate for everyone out there and though you did not initially like the fact that she ignored showering for several days, you will be surprised to find a man who will totally be smitten by her, never mind her cleanliness or non-cleanliness habits. What you can’t deal with, another can and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Simply a fact of life.

The issue of sex and oral sex in particular is a tricky one. And some men have taken it upon themselves to keep bashing women that they are mood killers because their natural scents down there are just bad. Scent plays a huge role in attraction no wonder the natural body scent of your man or woman makes you feel good or equally turns you on. Every woman has her own unique genital scent and men should take note of that. It is not a type of scent that should be noticed when fully clothed and have washed the genitals. Of course there are women who have been socialized never to touch their genitals including while showering. In such a case, blame the society they come from. Because trust me no matter how hard you try to drum in the fact to such a kind of woman that she must wash her genitals, she will not listen. I have read of societies where women are forbidden to shower during the whole duration of their period. It doesn’t mean that these women are careless on matters hygiene. They are simply following societal rules.

If the natural genital scent of your woman (who is sexually healthy) puts you off during oral sex, then she’s probably not your compatible. If it changes along the way, you need to let her know. She might not be aware of it and on most occasions, it could just be a normal yeast infection that needs to be taken care of. As for all these `supposed’ bad sex accounts i keep reading about, where the woman is blamed for smelling so bad because she doesn’t shower, i just wonder why these particular men did not let the woman know. Why did they have to keep it to themselves only to come up with their own conclusions and share it with journalists out for a juicy story?

I can’t help but fear that some clueless persona of the opposite sex who chances upon such a post or article might just end up concluding that all women are dirty. I feel like such articles only serve to embarrass women as people who are not that keen on their hygiene but still expect to have fulfilling sex lives with their `clean’ partners. That we have to publish such stories on newspapers in the hope of putting the message across to women when the men can simply improve on their communication skills with their wives, fiancées and girlfriends. As long as you two are shagging then you need to be open with each other. Forget the excuse that you fear getting her mad. The truth will always hurt but those who endure the pain eventually end up healing. If she can’t take the truth from her man then she is not worth your time plus with language, you can make it as polite as you can.

No matter how juicy or entertaining those particular kinds of posts and articles are, i don’t think i’ll be getting used to them any time soon.


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